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Best Tourist Attractions to Visit in Taiwan

Taiwan is a country that is extremely rich in diversity. There is a large number of beautiful scenic landscapes and mountainous regions, highly modern cities still maintaining a traditional heritage charm of old China. This article will give you a list of the best tourist attractions to visit in Taiwan.

1. Taipei

tourist attractions in Taiwan


Taipei, the capital of Taiwan, is a marvelous place to visit with a plethora of things for visitors to see and do.

With an intoxicating mix of old and new to be found in the delicious food and stunning architecture, it is a captivating city to visit. Old temples are located amidst the skyscrapers, and the towering Taipei 101 actually used to be the tallest building in the world.

Fantastic restaurants, shops, and bars abound in this bustling city, and there are loads of attractions on offer such as the Taipei Zoo, the Botanical Garden, and the wonderful temple of Hsing Tian Kong.

2. Yushan National Park

tourist attractions in Taiwan


For all you nature lovers searching for places to visit in Taiwan where you can experience the serenity and beauty of nature, enjoy trekking, hiking, and other exciting sports activities, then Yushan National Park is one of the best places to visit in Taiwan.

The park has a lot of tall peaks over 3,000 meters tall, and the park is also home to the tallest mountain in the country, the Jade mountain which stands tall at 3,952 meters and is also the fourth largest island mountain in the world! With so many mountains and hills in the park, there are a number of hiking and trekking trails to explore.

3. National Palace Museum

tourist attractions in Taiwan


This is one of the best tourist attractions in Taiwan. Home to one of the largest collections of Chinese imperial artifacts, the National Palace Museum offers a look into imperial China’s past. The many thousands of items on display were rescued by Chiang Kai-Shek’s government as they fled mainland China during the cultural revolution.

4. Sun Moon Lake

Taiwan Sun Moon Lake


The Sun Moon Lake is the largest body of water in the country and is a popular tourist destination amongst locals and foreigners alike. As such there are loads of hotels and resorts located along the lake’s shores and there are numerous restaurants, shops, and bars that cater to the visitor’s every need.

With lots of outdoor activities on offer, you can go sailing on the lake, go for a delightful hike or bike ride in the hills surrounding it or relax on a boat trip across its tranquil waters and enjoy the breathtaking scenery.

5. Rainbow Village

rainbow village taichung


The Rainbow Village is a unique street exhibit that is an important part of Taiwan tourism.

The concept was originally started by a man named Huang Yung-Fu, a former soldier, with an affinity for art and painting. The project first started as a way to save the houses in his neighborhood and restore them and has slowly started gaining attention due to the artsy, unique, and colorful designs and patterns of birds, people, and various animals as well. Whether you’re an art enthusiast or not, a visit to this region is recommended as it is an important part of Taiwan’s culture.

6. Alishan Scenic Mountain Area

Ali Mountain 5


Alishan’s mountain railway is an ever-popular tourist destination with both local and foreign tourists. The train winds its way to the top of the mountain where there are plenty of easy hiking trails that offer fantastic photo opportunities.

7. Shilin Night Market

Shilin Night Market Taipei Shilin Market


The Shilin night market, one of the top places to see in Taiwan to get a real slice of life experience of the local people, is a night market that mostly focuses on street food.

After the sun sets, tourists and local people alike visit the market to try some fried delicacies and local delights. Make sure to bargain with the street vendors as they try to make a profit off of scamming tourists. Apart from food items, vintage cassettes, arcade games, and other interesting items are also sold in the market. If you are a person who wants to get the real Taiwan experience, and not just see the tourist attractions, this is definitely the place to visit.

8. Longshan Temple

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For all those of you wanting to get in touch with your spiritual side, one of the most beautiful places to visit in Taiwan is the Longshan temple. The temple has a very spiritual and relaxing atmosphere right as soon as one enters, with authentic wooden interiors, the soothing smell of incense sticks, and a very Zen Buddhist interior design.

There is an age-old tradition in the temple which states that if you roll two wooden blocks on the floor and ask a question, the position of the blocks once they reach the ground will help you find the answers you need.

In conclusion, here are the best tourist attractions to visit in Taiwan you should explore. If you are planning to take a vacation, this is a great option for you.

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