Interesting Things to Do in Hamburg, Germany

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Hamburg is the second-largest city in Germany after Berlin and the 7th largest city in the European Union. Hamburg has various things to explore, from fascinating historical architecture to striking futuristic buildings to some of the best nightlife in Europe. This article will show you many interesting things to do in Hamburg, Germany.

1. Evening Illumination Cruise through Harbor

things tot do in Hamburg


One of the most interesting things to do in Hamburg is to make an evening illumination cruise through Harbor

Have you ever heard about Speicherstadt?

It must be the most photogenic spot in Hamburg. Construction of the unique region, built as a free zone where merchants could transfer goods without having to pay customs, began in 1883 and was not completed until 1927. The district is located right next to the water and is notable for its colorful red bricks and neo-Gothic architecture. For a close-up look at the warehouses, take a boat trip around the harbor, where canal tours sail right by the edge of the district.

Experience a beautiful evening cruise from the historical and romantically-illuminated Speicherstadt through the sea of light that is the Hamburg harbor.

2. Checking Out Nikolaifleet 

things to do in Hamburg


While Hamburg is gorgeous and has a lot more to offer than Amsterdam, the canals are not everywhere. You need to get to certain parts of the city to see the canals. If you’re in Hamburg for one day and want to make the most of it, this is one of the canals that you should surely see.

Nikolaifleet in Hamburg is one of the oldest spots in the city. To give you the exact location, this is very close to Hamburg’s miniature wonderland.

3. Visiting Alter Elbtunnel 

things to do in Hamburg


The Alter Elbtunnel is a pedestrian, bike, and motorist tunnel, which travels underneath the River Elbe. It connects central Hamburg to the southern side of the river.

Opened in 1911, the tunnel was built to serve the port and shipyard workers as a connecting route between the Landungsbrücken and Steinwerder piers. It became a tourist attraction when the “new” Elbe tunnel opened in the 1970s. It has been undergoing renovation for the past several years.

While walking through the quarter-mile-long tunnel, take time to look at the tile reliefs that line the walls, which portray starfish, dolphins, and other creatures.

4. Exploring Chilehaus

things to do in Hamburg


Designed by German architect Fritz Höger and constructed between 1922 and 1924, Chilehaus, or the Chile House, is a ten-story office building in Hamburg, and an exceptional example of a type of architecture known as Brick Expressionism.

It’s a building famed for its roof, which is strongly reminiscent of a ship’s prow and has structures that meet at a very sharp angle at the top. The best view of the building is from the East, and because of the accentuated vertical elements of the venue, as well as the curved outer walls, despite its large size the building exudes a certain sense of lightness.

6. Planten un Blomen

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If you had to make a list of Europe’s best urban parks, Planten un Blomen, 47 hectares of gardens, lawns, ponds, greenhouses, and botanical plantations will be near the top.

In the park’s green folds is the Old Botanical Garden, which was planted on the site of the city wall in 1821. Allow some time to poke around the five inter-connected greenhouses: The largest, the Schaugewächshaus has plants from Mediterranean climes and contains laurels, olive trees, palms, and eucalyptus.

Outside the park really shines in summer, when the rose garden is in bloom, the apothecary is most fragrant and the colorful musical fountain injects more magic into the scene.

To sum up, here is a list of interesting things to do in Hamburg, Germany for visitors. I hope that this article will help you have a great time in this beautiful city.

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