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Jaguar I-Pace Review: Is it worth buying?

The recent release of Jaguar’s brand new electric I-PACE model has taken the industry by storm. It’s being hyped as the best of a new breed of uncompromising electric vehicles that not only takes on its fossil fuel predecessor but outperforms it. The Jaguar I-Pace SUV is one of the best electric cars on sale. Now, I would like to show you a detailed Jaguar I-Pace review.

1. Design of Jaguar I-Pace

Firstly, it is necessary to talk about the design in the Jaguar I-Pace review.

  • Size

The I-Pace is quite a large car and shares a very similar footprint to an Audi Q5 in terms of size. It measures in at 4,682mm long, 1,895mm wide and 1,565mm tall, which makes it slightly smaller than its nearest rival the Tesla Model X. However, the I-Pace does have a slightly longer wheelbase of 2,990mm, which means more space for passengers inside. 

  • Legroom, headroom

There’s also a decent amount of space in the back. Your feet slide neatly under the seat in front and because there’s no transmission tunnel and plenty of headroom you could seat three adults in the rear–shoulder room may be a little tight though.

  • Boot

The boot is flat and can swallow 656 liters of luggage while dropping the rear bench frees up 1,453 liters in total – only marginally smaller than an Audi Q5. There’s also a 27-liter ‘froot’ under the bonnet.

 2. Performance and engines

Jaguar I Pace
Jaguar I Pace



The starter button located to the left of the center console brings the I-Pace to life – hit D on the drive select and you’re off. Like every electric car, it whirrs off without raising a whisper and is quickly up to 30mph in near silence. There’s an evident firmness to the ride at low speed but the I-Pace is not what you’d call uncomfortable.

The I-Pace’s 2.2-tonne weight and 20-inch alloys (22-inch wheels are available) make for a mighty thud if you hit a pothole or particularly rutted stretch of road, however. The ride settles at speed with the air suspension on higher-spec cars (regular steel springs are fitted on the rest of the range) doing a reasonable job of smoothing out the jiggles.

But what marks the I-Pace out against the rest of the EV pack are its steering and rock-solid body control. This may be a 2.2-tonne SUV, but in truth, it feels more like a sports car with the way it twists and slaloms down tight and technical roads.

3. The interior layout

Jaguar I Pace
Jaguar I Pace



  • Driving position and dashboard
You don’t sit especially high in the I-Pace by SUV standards, but even entry-level Scars have a part-electric adjustment to help drivers of different sizes get comfortable, while the seats in pricier versions are fully electric and have a memory function. The standard sports seats in the front look great and offer lots of support that aids comfort over long distances.

All I-Paces forgo traditional analog instrument dials for a slick 12.3in digital display, which lets the driver decide exactly what information they want to be displayed directly in front of them, and in what configuration.

  • Visibility, parking sensors, and cameras
Forward visibility is good, but thick rear pillars and a shallow rear window restrict your view of what’s behind.

It’s fortunate, then, that you get a 360deg camera and rear cross-traffic alert as standard. However, the rear camera display can be a bit laggy and it can appear that you’re approaching an obstacle much faster than you actually are.

4. Reliability and safety

Jaguar I-PACE
Jaguar I-PACE


  • It’s difficult to know how reliable the I-Pace will be, given that it has a bespoke chassis and powertrain and is too new to have featured in our latest reliability survey. However, Jaguar as a brand finished a disappointing 28th out of the 31 manufacturers surveyed.
  • Every I-Pace comes with automatic emergency braking and lane-keeping assistance. Traffic sign recognition, which displays the speed limit on your dashboard, is also included. Mid-spec SE cars add a blindspot warning system, high-speed automatic emergency braking, and adaptive cruise control, which keeps you a set distance from the car in front.

In conclusion, this is a full Jaguar I-Pace review. I believe that from my review, you can know whether it is worth considering to buy. Personally, it is an excellent electric car for those who are looking for both good-looking design and high quality.

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