Sakura Cleansing Oil – The choice of millions of women

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Sakura Cleansing Oil – the new version of 2020 has been improved by Japanese Sakura experts not only in product design but also added a number of outstanding natural extracts in order to enhance the ability of deeply cleansing while providing nourishment for healthy, glowing skin. 

Sakura Cleansing Oil – The choice of millions of women

Since its launch, Sakura-branded makeup remover products have created a distinct mark on the hearts of many women in Asia because of their optimal cleansing effect but extremely gentle, non-irritating even to sensitive skin. feel the most.

Sakura Cleansing Oil

Sakura Cleansing Oil’s breakthrough lies in the benign natural ingredients in the product. Sakura experts have spent years of research and clinical trials to be able to release an exclusive formula with extracts of 98% natural ingredients. In which, up to 97% is extracted from 14 high-quality natural oils and 6 rare essences of Japan. Not only brings a deep cleansing effect, but it also provides many active ingredients that help to nourish the skin from deep inside, safe and gentle for all skin types.
In addition to selecting the best seeds, using a fully manual harvesting process to ensure the quality of intact seeds/flowers, Sakura Cleansing Oil is also produced in a modern, closed process. Applying a cold compressing technique to retain oil with abundant nutrients and full of benefits for the skin.

Sakura Cleansing Oil version 2020 – A new breakthrough from the composition

Sakura Cleansing Oil 2020


It can be said that the soul of Sakura Cleansing Oil is the combination of Japanese camellia oil with Oryza Sativa rice bran oil which is obtained from the best rice grown in Niigata prefecture located on the coast of Japan. with Olive oil from Kagawa region and Mt.Fuji cherry extract combined with Vitamin C in lemon, grapefruit essential oil.

Through the process of surveying and researching, Sakura has decided to improve some ingredients to best suit the climatic conditions and skin characteristics of Asian women, thereby improving the efficiency of the product.

Camellia Japonica Seed Oil

Camellia Japonica Seed Oil 


Since ancient times, Japanese women have used camellia oil as an indispensable habit to nourish the skin. Each camellia flower not only symbolizes the feminine beauty and tenderness of women, but the oil extracted from the seed is also the secret to rejuvenate and nourish the skin for a long time. To this day, even though it has been hundreds of years ago, the camellia is still considered as a typical symbol, the secret to beauty care that exists in many Japanese beauty products.

In Japanese camellia oil contains up to 83% Oleic Acid, Vitamins A, B, D, E, Omega 3, 6, 9 to help maximize skin cleansing, powerful antioxidants, improve skin structure, anti-aging.

Artiso Leaf Extract – Cynara Scolymus (Artichoke) Leaf Extract

In this new innovation, Sakura Cleansing Oil is also supplemented with Artiso leaves extract. This is an active ingredient that has the ability to destroy harmful free radicals, prevent aging, strengthen the subcutaneous artery walls to help nourish healthy skin, and fight against the agents that cause sensitization and allergies.

In conclusion, these are new improvements in Sakura Cleansing Oil 2020. With great features, this product will be a perfect cleansing oil for customers. After using this cleansing oil, we should consider using other Japanese cosmetics to take care of your skin.


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