Samsung Family Hub Review: Is it the best smart refrigerator?

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Samsung Family Hub is a beautiful appliance that performs like the high-end fridge that it is. This model consists of many easy-to-use features that you won’t find in any refrigerator else. Now, let’s find out the unique features in the Samsung Family Hub review:


Samsung Family Hub review


1. Design of Samsung  Family Hub

The Samsung Family Hub comes in two styles, French Door (three-door or four-door) or Flex (a four-door version of a traditional side-by-side), dozens of configurations, and three color choices – stainless steel, black, or the new Tuscan stainless steel.

I’m sure that you will be surprised by the Samsung Family Hub’s smart design. It features a giant, 21.5-inch Tizen-powered touchscreen tablet built into the door. This is the “Hub” in Family Hub and acts as a digital bulletin board, smart speaker (powered by Bixby), fridge manager, and app-powered tablet.

Samsung family hub


There are three cameras built into the fridge’s interior that you can view from the touchscreen, or via the mobile app, and it starts at around $3,000, depending on which model, size, and configuration you opt for.

We tested the 28 cu. ft., four-door, French Door model in the Tuscan stainless steel, a grayish-bronze tone that’s much warmer than the traditional stainless steel colors. It has two doors for the main fridge, a third flexible storage drawer you can adjust the temperature of based on what’s in it (wine, meat, snacks), and then a large, bottom freezer drawer.

Aside from the smart features, which we’ll cover in-depth shortly, the Family Hub is a high-end refrigerator, equipped with Samsung’s Twin Cooling technology, high-efficiency LED lighting, and tempered glass spill-proof shelves – adjustable, foldable, and slide-in for flexibility.

2. Features

Family Hub


It features a Family Board as the main screen, which attempts to digitize the concept of the fridge as the family pin board, the place where you stick pictures and notes to the family. Instead of grabbing a sticky note you can just write on the screen and upload family photos from your phone directly to the fridge.

In fact, the Hub is simply a giant Android tablet, but it’s not just “stuck on the side of the fridge,” many of the apps integrate with the fridge itself, primarily through interfacing with the three cameras inside.

These snap a picture of the contents every time you close the door, giving an up-to-the-minute view of your food and beverages from three angles. You can see those images on your phone when you’re out and about through the Family Hub app, or on the screen itself.

3. Installation and setup

We installed the fridge ourselves and it was a simple process, no different from a standard appliance. However, once plugged in and ready to go, there were a few hoops to jump through to get the smart features of the touchscreen up and running.

The Family Hub is essentially a tablet tailored to work for multiple people – something most tablets don’t do well (we’re looking at you, Apple). So, to set this up properly, we gathered the whole family to create their own profiles, and sign in to their Gmail or Microsoft calendar accounts to bring everything together in one place.

Creating individual profiles is straightforward, and we got to choose from some cutesy avatars or upload a photo. At least one profile needed to be connected to a Samsung Account, which could be created on the fridge, and we were then prompted to each train Bixby to recognize our voices.

In conclusion, I suppose that Samsung Family Hub is the best smart refrigerator that you should own. You also can base on some notes for choosing a suitable refrigerator to make the right decision.

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