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Kem duong Shiseido Revital Night Essence 30g

Shiseido Revital Night Essence Review

Skincare at night plays an extremely essential part in keeping nice skin for women. After a long day of exposure to dust and other environmental damage, the body is rested at night to restore and regenerate skin cells. Shiseido Revital Night Essence is a smart choice for the middle ages, helping to replenish nutrients, balance moisture, prevent aging, bring bright, smooth skin. We are happy to share with you a detailed  Shiseido Revital Night Essence review.

Shiseido Revital Night Essence Review

night cream1. Is Shiseido Revital Night Essence good?

  • It is a gel-based beauty treatment, used at night when cell renewal is most intense.
  • Shiseido contains an abundant amount of cream to help bring optimal beauty treatments for women.
  • In addition, Shiseido also works to whiten skin by preventing the production of melanin, making the skin soft and elastic.

2. Three main ingredients in Revital Night Essence:

  • Amino Acid Complex: Helps you maintain skin elasticity.
  • Arbutin whitening formula – an ingredient that helps to control the production of melanin, helps reduce the appearance of freckles spots caused by exposure to ultraviolet rays, for radiant skin.
  • Ingredients that restore firm, bright white skin.

3. Instructions for using this product efficiently

skincare with Shiseido Revital Night Essence


The next part in my Shiseido Revital Night Essence review is giving instructions for using the product.

A note for customers is that we should use Shiseido Revital Night Essence at night before bed for best effect. Then we follow TWO steps:

  • STEP 1: Wash your face with Shiseido Revital Cleansing Foam (if makeup, remove makeup first), balance moisture with Shiseido Revital toner to help tighten pores.
  • STEP 2: Take a sufficient amount of Shiseido Revital Night Cream and dot according to 5 basic points on the face, apply evenly all over the face, gently pat and massage so that the lotion penetrates evenly.

4. Benefits of this Night Cream:

 main ingredients in Revital

During the time that you use properly this product every night, I ensure that you will feel extremely satisfied because of a large number of benefits:

  •  Firstly, it provides nutrients, replenishes essential moisture to the skin, eliminates dry, rough skin, for smooth skin.
  • Another benefit is that this night cream protects the skin from harmful agents such as sunlight, dust …
  • Besides, it helps prevent the production of melanin, which causes pigmentation, dark spots, freckles, and uneven skin tone.
  • Moreover, it helps increase the ability to restore and regenerate the skin, for the firm, radiant skin.

In addition, customers are absolutely attracted by the impressive design and convenient packaging.

In conclusion, I have given you a Shiseido Revital Night Essence review. This night cream is worth buying to take care of your skin every night. However, you should read carefully to consider whether it is suitable for your skin or not

In addition, you should also use other products in the set of Shiseido cosmetics in order to get high effects and nourish your skin always radiant.

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