Top 5 Best Language Schools in Japan

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Learning a language abroad in Japan is an excellent opportunity for everyone. It is because you could earn academic credits for college, experience the Japanese culture in a meaningful way, do something life-changing for a gap year, or improve your resume with language skills. Moreover, it’s a gateway to learning other Eastern languages like Chinese and Korean. Here are the top 5 best language schools in Japan for you to consider.

Top 5 Best Language Schools in Japan


1. KCP International Japanese Language School 


KCP International Japanese Language School 


KCP International Japanese Language School is a non-profit educational foundation. This school offers students from around the world a unique opportunity to learn more about Japan, and its language, people, and culture.

Programs are open to all English-speaking students in good class standing, as well as to postgraduates and adults. KCP’s strength is our attention to quality language instruction. The integrated language and culture program offers students a unique opportunity to develop Japanese language proficiency while gaining an understanding of Japanese culture and modern society.

2. ISI Language School

ISI Language School


ISI Language School is one of the largest Japanese academies, with two campuses in Tokyo, one in Kyoto and one in Nagano. It’s also one of the most international academies, and with the largest influx of students from Europe and America. Many of the academies in Japan have students mainly from Asian countries, which is not a bad thing, but that makes its teaching system very focused on people whose objective is to take the entrance exam to a university in Japan.

You are taught kanji and grammar and from the first moment, you have oral exams according to the level of the class. There’s a better balance between kanji, grammar, listening, and speaking, which I find much more useful in real life. You learn at a good pace but without having the feeling that you are being suffocated or pushing too hard.

3. Coto Language Academy

language schools in Japan


The Coto group currently has two schools. Located in central Tokyo the main school offers a range of flexible courses designed to suit a number of purposes. If you’re in Tokyo for just a few months to brush up on your Japanese, and you’re looking to dive headfirst into the Japanese business world, or if you just want to be better at holding a conversation at the izakaya, there’s a class for you. Class sizes are always small, meaning you’ll get proper conversation experience, and won’t just be lectured from the front of a hall, which is super vital for maintaining conversational ability. All their courses and prices are available online.

4. Meiji Academy

Meiji Academy


Whether you want to work in Japan, to fully understand its culture, or to explore its preserved nature, the first step to reach your goal in Japan is to learn the Japanese language. Why only attend group classes when you could also have private classes to focus on your priorities?

In this course, you will have 20 Japanese classes per week plus 4 private classes each week. You won’t only use classrooms, but also go outside to practice in real conditions. In addition, you can choose what you want to focus on together with your teacher during your own private classes, and boost your weak points!

After class, you will have the opportunity to join various social events and explore the sunny port city of Fukuoka which is the perfect place to study Japanese as you experience the Japanese way of life alongside your new friends.

5. Genki Jacs

language school in Japan


Hidden right in the heart of central Shinjuku, you’ll find Genki Jacs, one of the city’s most accessible schools for beginners and more serious Japanese students alike. You can sign up for a whole range of course lengths from two weeks up to a year.

Classes here have a maximum of eight student superclass, giving you plenty of conversation time and the opportunity to meet a broad range of classmates. If the study has been going well and you’re on the hunt for a student visa, you can contact the school’s Fukuoka branch, who can help you out in that department. 90% of the school’s students are from the US, Europe, and Australia, so if you’re looking for a support network of travelers with familiar experiences, this may be the place for you.

To sum up, you should consider the below list of the top 5 best language schools in Japan. I hope that you can improve your language and expand your knowledge about cultures.

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