Top 5 Best Samsung washing machines to buy

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An efficient machine can make doing the washing a lot less of a chore, saving both time and money and keep your clothes fresh, clean and looking good as new. Samsung is a famous brand for washing machine. My article will give you a list of the best Samsung washing machines on the market.




The first model I want to refer to is WW90J6410CX. The machine’s an eco bubble model designed to wash large loads at a lower temperature and save energy. It also offers quick washing with a cycle of 59 minutes available and a 15-minute wash and has a feature to help remove stains. There’s an error-monitoring app available, too, tech fans. There are plenty of handy programmes on this machine, which include those for denim, darks, baby clothes and wool.

We think this is a machine with great features at a price many won’t begrudge for the package. It’s energy-efficient, fits plenty of washing into one load, and is quiet, too. Its 15-minute quick wash is handy to have as part of your washing repertoire alongside the other cycles. Keep your washing machine in the kitchen? Its smart looks won’t compromise your room design.

For buyers via the Samsung site, it’s an overall rating of 4.3 out of five for this model. Reviewers thought it was quiet, gave good washing results and appreciate the delay timer so it can be run overnight.




One of the best Samsung washing machines is WW80M645OPM. This machine comes with Innovative QuickDrive tech which can reduce the washing time by up to 50 per cent. The theory (and practice) behind it all is Samsung’s unique fabric care drum which is equipped with a pulsator that creates a fast water flow. The detergent penetrates deep into the fabric, giving your clothes a thorough wash in less time.

It also features an innovative AddWash drawer which you can open to add in a dropped sock or t-shirt whilst the washing machine is in a cycle.

Appliances Direct have rated it 9.7 out of 10 with high marks on ease of use, cycle times and build quality.


Samsung washing machine


This model will keep the noise down. It’s another energy-saving design with Samsung’s ecobubble system, which lets you wash at lower temperatures and reduce energy bills. You can choose an extra 30-minute soak to washes of cotton, synthetics or baby clothes to get rid of stains. This model also comes with the door that lets you add in forgotten items to the load.

There are larger drummed machines in the Samsung range, but we think this machine will cope with many a household’s laundries at a lower buying cost with its 8kg capacity. It offers all the washes you might require, including wool, baby clothes, darks and bedding, and inveterate sock forgetters, we’re all for being able to add stray items to a cycle that’s begun.

The machine’s users who reviewed it on the Samsung site were overwhelmingly in favour of this washing machine, with an overall 4.7 out of five. They mentioned the effectiveness of the machine’s spin cycle, the good selection of programmes, and its stain-removal abilities.

On Appliances Direct, the average score was 9.3 out of 10, and build quality, ease of use and features were highest rated. Fans of the machine were happy with the adjustability of the cycles, the lack of noise, and the machine’s looks.




With an impressive 10kg capacity, the Samsung WW10M86DQOO Freestanding Washing Machine is perfect for larger families, or those looking to reduce their environmental impact by doing larger washes, less frequently.

Looking for a smart washing machine with plenty of capacity? With room for 10kg of cotton in the drum, this could be the model for you. It’s speedy, too, thanks to a water supply that fills the machine faster and a rinse that also accelerates the cycle, so you can get a 5kg wash done in 39 minutes. There’s a cycle to clean the drum and rubber seal (and a reminder to run this), and a drum light so you don’t leave anything behind, among other highlights.

This machine requires a big budget, but if you’re able to invest, we’d recommend checking it out. It will save you time and could help reduce energy bills. Fans of connected appliances will appreciate app control via their phones or tablets, too. It’s also easy to use, has low noise levels, and offers a good range of programmes.


one of best Samsung washing machines


With room for 10kg of cotton, this machine will keep up with the occupants of the most hectic of family homes. Tech aficionados, this is a smart washer so you get phone or tablet control and information. It also has Samsung’s eco bubble technology designed for effective washing results at lower temperatures. You can get a standard 5kg wash done in 59 minutes, and there’s a 15-minute quick wash for last-minute clothes-wanted emergencies.

We like the fact that generous capacity and smart connectivity can be yours at a lower cost when you opt for this machine. It’ll meet the needs of active and demanding families with a range of useful programmes, and the Bubble Soak that tackles stains. Its speed and the ability to add forgotten items to a wash should help soothe relations in busy homes, too.

Here are my review of best Samsung washing machines on the market. You can consider carefully in order to make the right decision.

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